Historic buildings used as unusual performance venues

A couple of Los Angeles’ historic buildings are currently being used for unique performance venues.

Linda Vista Hospital in the East Los Angeles Neighborhood of Boyle Heights is the theatrical jungle gym for Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre‘s performance called “The Groundskeepers.”  Where the audience followers dancers around the decaying site, weaving through the building and various stories.

The building has been used extensively for filming since it ceased operations as a hospital in 1991.  This will probably be its last theatrical exposure as the building is poised to start construction before the end of the year for its adaptive reuse into affordable senior housing (we’re currently bidding on a lot of the restoration work).

Check out  the performance review for “the Groundskeepers” as well as a couple pictures from the performance in the LA Times.

In a similar twist, Los Angeles’ famous Union Station became the stage for an unusual roving opera.  Inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities,” the performers are spread out through expansive train station, while the audience, linked to the operatic cast through headphones, wanders through the building and actual travelers to experience this disjointed production.

You can read a review and see more pictures from the performance at Verge.

Union Station is also about to get a a facelift as restoration/maintenance is set to begin this month to be finished next spring in time to celebrate the building’s 75th anniversary.

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