K.C. Restoration Company, Inc.
5912 Blackwelder St.
Culver City, CA  90232
310-280-0597 phone
310-280-9712 fax


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    • Hi Jon,

      That’s a very broad question. It depends on the condition of the zenitherm and what level of restoration it needs. Working on the Wilshire Boulevard Temple we brush vacuumed and then gently cleaned the surface with a 1.5% solution of Triton X-100 using a soft animal hair brush, then “rinsed” the surface using a mist spray (avoiding saturation). After cleaning, our artists touched up any damaged areas with custom paint colors (we like Windsor & Newton Designer Gouache Paints), and then sealed with 100% acrylic medium Modern Masters Dead Flat Exterior Glaze.

      We also had to create some new zenitherm panels which was a whole other undertaking which was quite complicated and took about 3 months of experimentation to get just right.

  1. Thank you so much for the reply and the information. I am mostly concerned with the approx 3000 square feet of zenitherm floor. I also have an incredible amount on the walls as well. What would you recommend to use on the floor to clean it with on a weekly basis?

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